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4 Hygienic Habits in a Post-Pandemic World

01 - Oct - 2022 Navarro Medical

As Covid19 mandates and rules relax, people are forgetting to be careful, falling into the fallacy that there is no longer a true risk. But Covid is still very much alive and continues to spread, along with dozens of other illnesses like flu, colds, and stomach viruses. Of course, these latter ones might not be as serious, but we probably still want to avoid them. Just because rules have eased up and hospitals are no longer overcrowded with critically sick Covid patients doesn’t mean we should forget to maintain good health and hygiene practices to avoid spreading sickness. While a cold may not hospitalize most people, it can still spread quickly and affect a whole office building or school.

Here are some simple steps you might’ve practiced religiously during the worst of the pandemic but may forget to follow these days:

  1. Remember to eat a balanced diet. It’s easy to remember to take your vitamins when there’s the looming risk of catching a disease like Covid19. However, in everyday life outside of a pandemic, most people forget to eat intentionally until they’ve already gotten sick. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, supplementing with vitamins if necessary (talk to your health provider about supplements). Remember that you might especially want to eat foods rich in Vitamin D if you don’t get a lot of sun, and foods rich in vitamin C. And make sure to include complex carbohydrates like quinoa and oats, and sufficient protein in your diet as well. If you keep your body running healthfully in your daily life, it’ll do that much better when confronted with contagions of any kind.

  2. The “stay home” rule shouldn’t apply only if you have Covid19. If you have anything that might be contagious, you should ask to stay home, whether that means you take a sick day or work from home. Generally speaking, you might be contagious within 24 hours of having a fever or if you’re coughing, sneezing, or having to clean your nose consistently. Even if you cover your mouth or sanitize your hands every time you blow your nose, you’re still risking spreading your sickness. So just play it safe for others’ sake, and stay home for a day or two. The rest will help you recover faster too.

  3. This one might be a sticky suggestion in the west, but some countries in the east, like Korea has been doing this long before Covid19 took over our lives. And it’s proven to help minimize the spread of most contagious illnesses, including common colds. If you have a lingering cough or sneeze or suspect you could still be a bit contagious, but you
    need to return to work, try wearing a mask. Or if you have a private office, wear a mask when people come into your office or when you’re in more communal areas. There are plenty of options for masks now, so you should be able to find one that’s comfortable for you.

  4. Wash your hands regularly. Don’t be paranoid, but if you’ve been in public areas or shared spaces, remember to wash your hands before eating or touching your face. And of course, if you are or have just been sick, do it for others, to prevent spreading any bacteria or virus you might still have. It seems straightforward, but so many people have stopped doing it very often since Covid19 restrictions have lifted and the pandemic has slowed down.

Covid19 restrictions continue to ease up more each passing week. Now we can travel on US planes and move about in most public areas and businesses without masks. Hand sanitizer stations still exist, but aren’t placed every few feet everywhere as they were in 2020. A lot of businesses are back to working on location.

Because of this, many people think Covid19 is over and done with. But it’s not, and neither are all the other illnesses we seem to have forgotten during the worst of the pandemic. So don’t forget to keep hygienic habits for your own health and safety and for that of those around you. Eat well, stay home if sick, wear a mask if you might still be contagious, and don’t forget to wash your hands often. Stay healthy!