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7 Reasons to Visit Your Primary Care Physician Annually

01 - Jun - 2021 Navarro Medical

A stethoscope on a calendarWe all get busy and forget to schedule our wellness visits. But, here are 7 reasons you should not skip your annual visits with your primary care physician. Print them out to place beside your wall calendar or write them as a reminder in your phone calendar to be sure you are taking the best care of yourself possible.

  1. Catch the Warning Signs
    Sometimes, you feel great and you go out for your daily run or you are hard at work in the office and you never experience the warning signs that something that can become a serious threat to your health is forming. By keeping your annual wellness appointment with your physician, routine tests and checks can help uncover those hidden signs of illness or inflammation that otherwise may have turned into a more dangerous condition if left undetected. 

  2. Start Treatments Earlier
    Of course, if a medical condition that requires treatment to stop or slow the progression is uncovered, it is critical to begin that treatment early. Allowing a disease to go untreated could lead to expensive medical costs and severe health consequences. Also, keep in mind, meeting with specialists and additional tests could increase the time in between appointments and your treatment start date. Therefore, the earlier you find the symptoms the faster you can get back on track to improved health.

  3. Be Ready for Trips
    Many of the trips taken out of the country require some medical preparation. Just like getting your car checked out before a road trip, having your medications adjusted, your prescriptions filled, your vaccines, and your annual physical should also be at the top of your list of pre-trip "To Do" items. When you schedule your annual appointment with your primary care physician, you can go on your vacation or business trip and take in the sites without having to worry about your health or scramble at the last minute to get everything done at once.

  4. Allow Your Doctor Become Familiar With Your History
    Occasionally, we all have those moments when new symptoms form or we read about a new treatment option we may want to try. When you need advice on symptoms, tests, or treatments, your primary care physician can be significantly more helpful after treating you for a number of years as opposed to a sick visit being the first time meeting you. 

  5. Ensure Your Treatment Plan is Working
    Maintaining your wellness visits will ensure more consistency in your treatment plan as your physician can find out if the treatment plan is working. Without wearing a health monitor all day that is sending reports to your physician for review, it can be difficult to determine if you are taking the correct medications, eating the right foods, and following the best practices for your optimal health. Your wellness visits are likely your physician's primary opportunity to check in with you and notate any changes.

  6. Adjust Your Medications as Your Health Changes
    Is it time to adjust your medications? Taking the wrong prescription or the incorrect amount can be detrimental to your health. You may be expected to feel run down or notice obvious signs your medications are not working as expected. However, sometimes, the proof is in the numbers that come from the tests your physician runs at your routine visits. Even if you are not currently on medication, there could be changes to your health you have not detected that may require a new medication or another medical course of treatment.

  7. Peace of Mind is Priceless
    Perhaps the best reason to keep your annual wellness visit with your primary care physician is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are doing all you can to live life to the fullest with optimal health. After speaking with your physician, you will gain confidence in your health or treatment plan. With your medical concerns under more control, you will be better able to focus on work, loved ones, and hobbies with less stress.

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