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Lake Wales Primary Care Location for all Your Basic Medical Care Needs

01 - Jan - 2021 Navarro Medical

medical care icons with a doctor in scrubs pressing oneFind convenience, improved continuity of care, and more with the comprehensive medical services offered by your primary care physician at Navarro Medical in Lake Wales, Florida. From screenings and injuries to pain management, Dr. Navarro and his team can help you find the right path to a healthier you. Call (863) 949-6541 to schedule your appointment for treatments and services like these!

Screening Services
Beyond general health screenings, Dr. Navarro and his team offer a wide range of screening services to save you time and enjoy being seen by a team who knows your concerns and history. Women's health, EKG, Spirometry, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) are some examples of such screenings. Plus, since Dr. Navarro enjoys getting to know each of his patients, you will be comforted by the warm greeting and holistic approach taken at Navarro Medical. 

Pain Management
Part of that whole-body approach includes pain management methods that include both medications and non-pharmaceutical techniques such as musculoskeletal manipulation. This is a gentle hands-on manipulation of body's tissues, muscles, and bones designed to improve circulation, relieve pain, and help the body to heal itself. Similar to what you may experience at some chiropractor offices, this treatment is an important part of restoration therapy and pain management. Discover how Dr. Navarro's techniques can enable you to feel more comfortable and able to enjoy more of what life has to offer by calling (863) 949-6541.

Skin Checks and Mole Removals
Along with skin screenings for suspicious moles, Dr. Navarro will also remove any concerning growths as well as perform treatment for boils or abscesses. This means you can schedule your wellness visit, pain management session, skin check, and mole removal at the same office instead of going to three different doctors as a new patient at three separate locations. Moreover, by having your medical services performed in the same location, your records will reflect all of your full health history. This helps Navarro give a more accurate diagnosis and determine the most effective course of treatment.

Have you been injured in an accident? Dr. Navarro and his experienced team can examine minor injuries and lacerations without having to send you to the hospital emergency room. Make Navarro Medical your first call to see if you are able to be treated in the clinic. If you do require a trip to the hospital, Dr. Navarro has privileges at Lake Wales Medical Center. Ask if he can assist with your care at the hospital to ensure a higher level of continuity in your treatment strategies.

Ear Irrigation
Chronic cough, itching in the ear, pain in the ear, and hearing loss could be possible symptoms of excessive earwax build-up. Dr. Navarro and his team can remove this excess with ear irrigation. While there are ear irrigation kits available for home use, it can be difficult to perform the procedure correctly without a trained medical professional. To avoid potentially damaging effects of this treatment process such as perforation of the eardrum, make an appointment with Dr. Navarro before you attempt to clear out the wax on your own. 

Monitoring Services
Should you require monitoring for possible illnesses such as diabetes or heart concerns, contact the Navarro Medical team. From continuous glucose monitoring to 24-hour EKG monitoring, Dr. Navarro can obtain this data to interpret or share with any required specialists. This is a particularly critical service for those patients wishing to avoid the added specialist expense. 

Medical Marijuana Qualifications
Part of pain management for certain medical conditions may include medical marijuana. Dr. Navarro can qualify eligible patients for this form of treatment at the same location where you receive a number of other beneficial medical services allowing you to save time and frustration going from one place to the next looking for pain relief. Moreover, while at the office, you can also ask about other non-pharmaceutical symptom management suggestions that could make a significant difference in how you feel.

Therefore, instead of listing out all of your mediations and medical history for a new doctor for each medical service, you can have most of your basic screenings, monitoring, symptom management services performed in one convenient Lake Wales location. At Navarro Medical, you can see the same primary physician you trust to provide you with the ultimate in patient care for many of your minor and ongoing medical service needs. Set up your appointment with Dr. Navarro today online or call (863) 949-6541, and experience the Navarro Medical difference for yourself!